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Posted on by Emily teBogt

Hello everyone,

I've gotten myself into a bit of a pickle! I have 4 sows who produce  more hogs than I have a market for. I always sell their piglets after they are weaned to people who don't have their own sows. Last fall I wasn't able to  get rid of all my weaner pigs, so now I have 18 hogs that are fully grown and ready to go NOW! I've been calling many local butchers and none of them can take my pigs or say they are too fatty. I sold a few to Meadowbrook meat market but the market price for hogs right now is pretty low. I need to sell my pork directly to consumers to get the most profit. Pig feed is expensive so raising a hog till finishing weight isn't cheap!

I raise my pigs in a barn in large pens with deep bedding. Most of the work is done by hand. They eat non-medicated feed from Purina, hay, cracked eggs and some cull veggies. I don't put my sows in gestation crates or stalls, clip my pigs teeth or dock their tails. Hogs are at least 6 months old before they are slaughtered.

Sides cost $3.25/lb. and are based on the hanging weight, which is around 100 lbs. You get about 3 boxes of meat which includes chops, ribs, ham, bacon, ground, shoulder roast, tenderloin and a loin roast. I have a Berkshire boar which is a heritage breed that adds some fat which makes it so much more juicy and flavourful! This is your last chance to buy a side of pork from me for a while because I have all my weaner pigs spoken for from the next 2 litters.

If half a hog is too much meat for you, you can place an order for some cuts. Individual cuts are priced by the pound as follows: chops $5.50, spare ribs $4.50, ground $4.50, shoulder roast $4.50, loin roast $5.50, ham & ham steaks $5, nitrate free bacon $8.50, gluten free sausages $7 (Oktoberfest, maple, garlic, chorizo & breakfast) and tenderloin $10.

Pick up is at the farm 11349 HWY 1 Lower Wolfville or at the Wolfville and Kentville farmers markets. I can also deliver to the city, Truro, or further down the valley.

If you are a butcher or farmer and would like to purchase a whole carcass, we can talk price.

Contact me at etproduce@gmail.com or my cell is 902-670-3408.


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