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Pork, Lamb & Beef Sales

Posted on by Emily teBogt

Howdy everyone!

It's that time of year again when I have a bunch of market hogs all grown up and ready to go! The pigs were born and raised by me, Emily, on the farm in Grand Pre, Kings Co. They are raised in large pens with lots of straw bedding and fed a diet of hog grower feed, hay, and my cull veggies. They have never needed to have any antibiotics. And of course raised by lot's of love from me!

Sides of pork are $3.25/lb. cut and wrapped and weigh 85-90 lbs. Each side contains 4 shoulder roasts, 1 tenderloin, 5 lbs. ground pork, 14 pkg. of 2 loin chops, 9 lbs. bacon, 2 pkg. spare ribs, and ham which can be cut into roasts or steaks. This is an idea, the side can be cut to your preferences and smoking of bacon and ham is optional. You can also get the whole carcass for $2.25/lb. if you cut your own meat.

If that is too much pork for you I also sell $100 pork boxes which include a shoulder roast, 3 pkg. loin chops, bacon, sausages, ham steak, ribs and ground pork. Or you can order any cuts you like, check the product list page on my website.

Whole Grass-fed Lamb for sale $8/lb. hanging weight around 45 lb. My small flock of sheep are raised on pasture in the summer and in the barn during the winter. They are fed a diet of grass and hay and never given antibiotics. Cuts of meat include shoulder, loin chops, shanks, ground lamb, stew meat, and leg roasts, or cut whatever way you want.

Grass-fed Beef - I have lots of lean ground beef for sale. Normally 1 lb. packs are $7, I am offering 10 packs $60.

You can pick up your orders at the farm in Grand Pre, my table at the Wolfville farmers market Saturday mornings, or drop off points around the province. I deliver to the city once in a while, and can drive sides of pork as far as Greenwood, New Ross or Truro. 

Interested? Get in touch with me by phone 902-670-3408 or email etproduce@gmail.com

Support a young, small-scale farmer!


- Emily teBogt

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