teBogt's Produce and Meat / Price List

Farm Products Price List

Free Range Eggs $5.00 per dozen - white or brown


Grass Fed Lamb

Chops $15.00/lb.                                      

Ground $10.00/lb.                                                                                               

Leg & 1/2 leg $11.00/lb.                                                                                                                                   

Loin Roast $14.00/lb.

heart and kidneys $7.00/lb.

Whole Lamb $8.00/lb.


Antibiotic Free Pork

Pork Chops $6.00/lb. (2 per package)                                                           

Smoked Chops $8.00/lb.                                                   

Smoked Ham Roast $7.00/lb.

Sliced Deli Ham $10.00/lb. (half pound packages)                        

Spare Ribs $5.00/lb.   Baby Back Ribs $7.00/lb.                            

Smoked Hocks $5.00/lb.                                      

Gluten Free Pork Sausages $8.00/lb. - Breakfast and Chorizo (made by Peasants Pantry - no fillers). Honey Garlic (made by Reid's Meats).  

Side of Pork cut and wrapped $3.25/lb - hanging weight around 100 lbs. Smoking cost of bacon and ham is an extra $18 if you would like those cuts smoked. The side is cut to your specifications, the basic cuts are chops, shoulder roasts, bacon, ham (either roasts or steaks), spare ribs, tenderloin, ground pork, and fat for rendering into lard.

Whole pig - (carcass uncut) $2.25/lb.

*$100 Pork Box* includes 6 chops, pkg. of ribs, shoulder roast, ham roast or steak, 1 lb. bacon, 2 lbs. sausages and 3-4 lbs. of ground.

Vegetables - grown without the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizer

Salad Mix                                           $5.00 for 0.5 lb. bag

Beets                                                 $3.50 per 2 lb. bag

Kale                                                    $3.50 per bunch

Arugula                                               $3.00 per bag

Green and Red cabbages                    $1.00/lb.

Parsnips                                               $4.00 per 2 lb. bag

Carrots                                                  $3.50 per 2 lb. bag

Kohlrabi                                                 $3.00 each

Yellow Onions                                         $1.50/lb.

Red Onions                                             $2.00/lb.

Potatoes (Yukon Gold or Kennebec)      $1.50/lb.  5 lb. bag for $6.25

Sweet Potatoes                                       $3.00/lb.

Squash (butternut, buttercp, delicata or spaghetti)  $1.00/lb.

Rutabaga                                                 $1.00/lb.

Turnip                                                      $1.00/lb.

Leeks                                                       $4.00 per bunch

Brussels Sprouts                                     $3.00 per bag or a 1 lb. bag for $5

Daikon Radiah                                         $1.50/lb.


Grass-Fed Beef

Lean Ground        $7.00/lb.    

   - 10 lbs. for $65

Tenderloin             $20.00/lb.