teBogt's Produce and Meat / Livestock


On the farm we are committed to raising livestock in the most humane way we can, as well as providing healthy meat for consumers. We have sheep, pigs, and laying hens.


Pigs are raised in the barn in large pens with deep bedding. We have 4 Landrace/Yorkshire sows and a purebred Berkshire boar. They farrow twice a year and have around 10 piglets each time. The sows are not placed gestation crates or stalls. No unnecessary painful procedures such as tail docking and teeth clipping. We buy non-medicated feed from the Co-Op Feed Mill in New Minas. Their diet is also supplemented with cull vegetables and hay. 

Check out the price list page for a list of available cuts and contact me to place an order. If you are interested in purchasing a side of pork, they are $3.25/lb. and hanging weight is usually around 100 lbs. Whole hogs are $2/lb. if you take care of cutting. Weaner pigs are available 4 times a year. At time of sale they are 8 weeks old and around 35 lbs, $85 each. 


The hens are housed in a large coop with wood shavings, hay and straw for bedding and have lots of nest boxes to lay their eggs in. There's brown and white commercial layers and the heritage breeds Barred Rock, Rhode Island Red and White Leghorns. White eggs come in handy for decorating during Easter! They run free on the floor, we don't house them in battery cages. Their diet is primarily non-medicated feed from Co-Op in New Minas, some cull veggies, kelp and grit (rocks). 




The sheep are raised on pasture from May to December and eat a strict grass-only diet. I own 11 ewes and a purebred Horned Dorset ram. I have a few registered purebred Cotswold ewes which is a heritage wool breed that is excellent for spinning. The ewes give birth every winter, usually around 15 lambs. It takes at least 6 months to finish a lamb with a grass-fed diet, sometimes close to a year. Grass-fed lamb contains 500 % more CLA, 400% more Vitamin A, 300 % more Vitamin E, and 75% more Omega 3s than their grain-fed counterparts. Carlos the llama is always with the sheep to protect them from predators, and he's a fun pet that everyone loves!